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Forerunner of the thalassotherapy in France, Thalassa sea and spa was the first one to master the exceptional qualities of the marine environment to offer a long lasting well-being.
In a concern of purity, the sea water used in Institutes is got in the depths of the wide, filtered then warmed in 33°C to facilitate the muscular relaxation, stimulate the circulation and facilitate the penetration of assets.

Seaweeds, very rich in minerals and vitamins, are associated with the virtues of sea water, in the form of envelopes on your skin.
The Thalassa sea and the spa team, competent and attentive (Hydrotherapists, Physiotherapists, beauticians, dieticians), restore you the best of the sea through personalised and quality care.

The quality catering is adapted to your desires: greedy, typical, light or dietary. It is balanced, delicious and full of surprise, prepared by our chefs in association with our on site dieticians.
Thalassa sea and spa offers you the choice of 14 destinations in France and abroad 6 destinations Premium mixing luxury and refinement and 8 Authentic destinations, allying heat and nearness.
If horizons change, the quality of the environment remains the same: incomparable. Implanted in the most beautiful regions of France and the world, Thalassa sea and spa enjoy an exceptional environment in perfect echo with the quest of well-being.