Accueil Pays Hongrie Partners Hungarian Scientific Association of Harm reduction and Environmental Diseases

Hungarian Scientific Association of Harm reduction and Environmental Diseases

The aim of the association, established in December 2020, is to raise awareness of the many potential harms to our society and to make people aware of their risks - environmental damage (respiratory diseases), harms of civilization (cardiological risks, diabetes, allergies, sedentary lifestyle) – and do against them with its own means, on a scientific and professional basis. Thus, among others, it draws attention to the dangers of traditional smoking, wants to speak out for air quality and takes action against obesity, which is also an endemic in Hungary.

In addition to the founder, Dr. Emil Toldy-Schedel, head of the Association of Church Hospitals, dozens of doctors and other specialists from various disciplines participate in the work of the Association, whose main activity is to introduce the program to scientific circles and to make innovative solutions, harm reduction goals and programs the subject of a professional discussion and discourse.

Members of the board of the Association :

  • Dr. Emil Toldy-Schedel – President of the Association of Church Hospitals
  • Dr. Klára Szondy – pulmonologist, chief clinical physician of the Department of Pulmonology, Semmelweis University
  • Dr. Zsolt Petke – chief physician of addiction of the Nyírő Gyula National Institute of Psychiatry and Addiction
  • Prof. Dr. Zsolt Pécsvárady – internist, chief physician of the Flór Ferenc Hospital of Pest County
  • Prof. Dr. Katalin Nagy – Head of the Department of Oral Surgery, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Szeged