Főoldal Országok Cseh Köztársaság Methodology Step 3 : Communication strategy The road show (2009) In the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic

Many journalists and visitors came and took part in the activities.
The Chef Martin Sindelar of the famous restaurant “Le Pavillon” offered many culinary demonstrations: appetizers, healthy sandwiches, fruit preparations, banana cake and more.
An exhibition was organized by STOB, the Czech partner in which Iva Malkova compared traditional foods prepared in a calorie rich versus lean methods of cooking and answered many questions. Many people were amazed to discover that industrial beverages could contain almost 44 pieces of sugar!
Comedians offered a show where they explained in a humoristic way what a balanced diet is and the comparisons between typical dishes prepared in different ways.
Finally, visitors were invited to measure their blood cholesterol and check their eating habits.