Főoldal Országok Franciaország Methodology Step 2 : Recommendations In France Recommendations to the employees

Recommendations to the employees

FOOD France has chosen to follow the principles of the Plan National Nutrition Santé (PNNS) and dietary guidelines. This has resulted in the need to make changes to the initial employee recommendations and adjust them to apply for a whole day and to add a recommendation specifically regarding physical activity (the only country together with Belgium in which this is part of the recommendations):

  • 1 – Taste the food before adding salt and/or other condiments.
  • 2 – Lower the use of fat and preferably use vegetal oils.
  • 3 – As a dessert, choose a fresh fruit based option.
  • 4 – Choose types of cooking that do not add too much fat (steaming, roast, grill, etc.)
  • 5 – Choose water to accompany your lunch.
  • 6 – Eat raw fruit or vegetable with your meal.
  • 7 – Eat a dairy product with your meal and favour those which are low in sugar, low in fat and low in additives.
  • 8 – Why not choose fish for this dish? (The consumption of fish is recommended at least twice a week).
  • 9 – Choose wholegrain bread.

And move at least 30 minutes a day!