Főoldal Országok Olaszország Methodology Step 3 : Communication strategy The road show (2009) In Italy

In Italy

The fifth stop of the Road Show FOOD bus was in Milan, on October the 20th, 2009.
Communication tools for Employees and Restaurant owners had been especially prepared for the event: newsletter, meal voucher advertising, leaflet, flyer, website, pedometers and more.
The representative of the Instituto Nazionale di Ricerca per gli Alimenti e la Nutrizione (INRAN) supported the team with a much-appreciated demonstration that included videos describing the guidelines for a balanced nutrition.
Visitors were invited to calculate the number of calories in a dish and in a recipe, etc. Many journalists participated in the FOOD press conference.
On top of that, visitors could meet experts for an individual and personalised session.
Finally, visitors had the opportunity to try a 10kg vest, aiming at demonstrating the impact of excess weight on the body: a lasting experience for those who tried!

image du Roadshow