Főoldal Országok Románia Methodology Step 2 : Recommendations In Romania Recommendations to the employees

Recommendations to the employees

-  Avoid or sparsely use salt, much food already contains it;
-  Eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day (one portion = 80 g, half a large apple);
-  Prefer water instead of sweetened drinks;
-  Reduce sugar consumption. Pay attention if the products you serve already contain it!
-  As a dessert, choose a fresh fruit;
-  Pay attention to the serving portion. Get up from the table before you are too full;
-  Lower the use of fat and preferably use vegetable oils;
-  Choose cooking methods that do not require excessive amount of fat: steam, oven, grill etc.
-  Reduce bread consumption. Prefer whole wheat bread!
-  Make time for lunch. Prefer to have lunch outside the office!