Főoldal Országok Románia Methodology Step 2 : Recommendations In Romania Recommendations to the restaurants

Recommendations to the restaurants

-  Favor cooking methods that do not require adding too much fat, such as steaming, roasting or grilling;
-  Frequently offer a dish without meat;
-  Provide on a daily basis salads made from fresh vegetables;
-  Frequently offer dishes with fish or white meat in the menu;
-  Use vegetable oils as the main fat for cooking;
-  Use a low amount of salt when cooking (preferably iodised salt), and recommend condiments as alternative;
-  Offer whole wheat bread;
-  Offer a dessert based on fresh fruit;
-  Have drinking water available, at least during lunch time (12:00 - 14:30)

Criteria to respect in order to be part of the FOOD restaurants’ network

Following the creation of the FOOD recommendations for restaurants, a network of restaurants respecting a certain number of recommendations was created.
In Romania, restaurants have to apply 6 out of the 9 recommendations in order to be part of the FOOD restaurants network.
To see the map of the entire network of FOOD restaurants, click here