Főoldal Országok Spanyolország Methodology Step 1: Research and knowledge Inventory of existing results In Spain Résumé


Private companies offered all of the programmes targeted at employees surveyed here, with a majority of them from the food industry. Despite the fact that Spain is a large country with a tradition of healthy eating based on the Mediterranean Diet, it is clear that the change in eating habits is now a cause for concern evident by the large number of programmes identified. All but one of the programmes was free to participate in and as they were initiated mainly by private companies, the cost could not be estimated.
The programme targeted at the restaurant sector had similar aims to the FOOD project but unlike FOOD was led by a public body only. It was an original programme; the only one of its kind launched in Spain as early as 2006 yet was restricted to the region of Catalonia.
Physical activity was integrated into most of the programmes reviewed.