Főoldal Országok Svédország Methodology Step 2: Recommendations In Sweden In Sweden

In Sweden

Recommendations to the employees

The employee recommendations in Sweden were borrowed from the Swedish National Food Administration’s nutrition recommendations. The recommendations are for the entire day and are based on a four-week menu. Specifically regarding lunch in a restaurant, there are five main principles added to the six common European recommendations:

  • Taste the food before adding salt and/or try other condiments.
  • Lower the use of fat and preferably use vegetal oils.
  • Eat at least 5 portions of fruit/vegetables per day.
  • As a dessert, choose a fresh fruit based option and sometimes as an alternative, a dairy product.
  • Choose types of cooking that do not add too much fat (steaming, roast, grill, etc.).
  • Choose water to accompany your lunch.
  • Choose the keyhole meal.
  • Use the tray model for composing your balanced meal.
  • Use the salad bar for topping up your lunch meal with vegetables/fruit/cooked pulses.
  • Eat high fibre bread/whole wheat bread.

Recommendations to the restaurants

Thirteen recommendations in total were agreed on in Sweden. On top of the common recommendation, the following twelve recommendations are country specific and are adapted from the ‘Keyhole restaurant certification’ criterion:

  • Favour cooking methods such as steam, oven, or grill.
  • Offer dishes in 2 sizes.
  • Use the keyhole symbol to identify balanced meals on the menu.
  • Provide at least one Keyhole dish at the top of the menu (dish of the day).
  • Calculate meal composition and portion size (Näringsvärdesberäkning på måltiderna) Dietist/Keyhole.
  • Offer fish dishes at least once a week as one of the Keyhole dishes (consider lactose and gluten).
  • Use the ”tray model” (an upgraded ”platemodel”) as information about balanced meals.
  • Enable the customer to eat more vegetables - by for example leaving space for salad on the plate, serving salad first, or serving more salad on the plate.
  • Divide the salad bar into categories - for instance into "unlimited amount" and "limited amount" sections. (The Limited amount should contain salads that are pre-mixed with dressings etc.)
  • Use a salad bar with at least 8 different choices of vegetables, fruit, cooked pulses.
  • Always have tap water available.
  • Always have high fibre bread available (e.g. Knäckebröd)(Keyhole marked bread).
  • Always have low fat dressing and oil based dressing available - no (max 2%) trans fatty acids.

Criteria to respect in order to be part of the FOOD restaurants’ network

Following the creation of the FOOD recommendations for restaurants, a network of restaurants respecting a certain number of recommendations was created.
In Sweden, restaurants have to apply all the 13 recommendations.

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