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Euro-Toques international


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Euro-Toques International (ETI), The European community of chefs cooks over 4000 European cooks and chefs in Europe and the world.

What do we want?

We want to be recognized as a responsible actor by the European Institutions:

  • To protect Quality and Flavour of foods.
  • To promote the Know-how of food Craftsmen.
  • To facilitate exchanges between chefs throughout Europe.
  • To perpetuate Cultures and culinary traditions.
  • To raise consumer awareness through education and good eating habits.
  • To promote health through the assurance of healthy food regarding chemical additives in food products and to promote natural, seasonal combinations
  • Not to compromise by means of new methods which are liable to generate a health risk or to alter the taste of foods.
  • To make a commitment in favour of correct labeling and information to give consumers relevant information needed to make responsible choices.
  • To protect European Culinary Heritage in its diversity, origins and typicality.