Startseite Länder Spanien Methodology Step 3: Communication strategy The road show (2009) In Spain

In Spain

Spain marked the successful end of the European tour with the FOOD bus arriving there on October 27th.
More than 1500 visitors came and took part in the activities organised by the local partners: AESAN, FDM, FOOD PRO FIT and Edenred.
The lower platform of the bus was dedicated to the FOOD e-learning DVD. To gain access to the bus, each person had first to calculate his or her BMI together with a nutritionist. The upper platform offered seminars every thirty minutes, in which the partner FDM and nutritionists explained to the visitors what a balanced diet is and how it can be achieved.
Visitors could also savour many Mediterranean specialties prepared by the Chef Mario Barrero as well as different and original and delicious juices to add variety to breakfast such as a popular mix of carrots, oranges and strawberries.
Finally, people were invited to try a 10kg vest, aimed at demonstrating the impact of excess weight on the body.
The event was a huge success, which confirmed the need for this kind of information to be passed and sensitised.