Startseite Barometers Romania


Questionnaires inspired from the 2009 and 2010 surveys, called the FOOD barometers, are launched every year since 2012 in order to monitor on the evolution of the habits and opinions of both target groups about balanced nutrition.
Romania participated to the FOOD barometers for the first time in 2019.


In 2019, 64% of Romanian employees have lunch on a daily basis. It is below the European average (71%).

In 2019, Romanian workers mostly eat home-made food (58%) or a dish/a complete meal (27%).

When choosing a restaurant, Romanian workers considered important or very important practical criteria linked to working life constraints such as a quick the service (89%) and the location of the restaurant, close to the workplace (87%).

81% of Romanian employees consider important or very important the nutritional quality of the meals served when choosing a place to have lunch. It is close to the European average (78%).

In 2019, Romanian employees mainly choose what they want to eat at lunchtime according to "What they want at the present time" (58%). But very close (53%), they also choose what they want to eat according to the balance of the dish.
The price (42%) only comes in third position.

Romanian employees truly pay attention to the balance of the dish.


In 2019, 40% of Romanian restaurants declare having a medium level of knowledge on balanced nutrition, and 24% of them declared having a high level of knowledge.