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Our double decker bus stopped at Náměstí Republiky!

FOOD, a European project encouraging a balanced diet on business days, has officially been unveiled in Prague on 16 October 2009

The FOOD project contributes to the promotion of a balanced diet and works as a link between the supply in restaurants (the offer) and the demand among employees eating during the working day.

A road show officially kicked off FOOD (Fighting Obesity through Offer and Demand) in the very heart of Prague 1, at Náměstí Republiky, on 16 October 2009.

Following a number of preparatory activities, employees, restaurants and the general public could finally learn about the goal and content of the FOOD initiative in the entertaining form of a road show. A special bus was dispatched for this purpose, running from Paris via Brussels and Stockholm to Prague and then to Milan and Madrid, covering all the countries participating in the European project.
The Prague event was organised under the auspices of Mr Petr Hejma, Mayor of the Prague 1 Municipal District.

Extensive full-day programme:

  • One-act theatre shows, explaining why and how to eat healthfully by means of hyperbole and humour, with expert comments and recommendations offered by Ms Iva Málková of STOB (Stop Obesity, a civic association), a partner to the FOOD project in the Czech Republic
  • On-site expert advice courtesy of Iva Málková and her colleagues (STOB) in a separate booth
  • Regularly interspersed spots – a chef’s advice and healthy tips
  • Tips for compiling one’s menu in the form of an exhibit, providing an illustration of the differences in energy content
  • Cholesterol measurements – provided by the National Institute of Public Health of the Czech Republic (NIPH)