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The European bus stops in Stockholm

After the launch of the FOOD project in Paris and in Brussels, the FOOD bus continued to Stockholm!

This was the opportunity for the Swedish employees, restaurants and all the consumers to come and meet with nutritionists/dieticians in order to talk about balanced nutrition.

The bus was be parked in Kungsträdgården in the city centre of Stockholm, all day long, from 7. 00 am to 6.00 pm.

  • At 09:00 A coffee was offered and we proposed healthy sandwiches prepared by the famous chef Paul Svensson.
  • Before and after lunch, the public was proposed to measure the length (according to the weight). Karolinska institute, partner of the project, was here to answer questions.
  • The public was also invited to answer a questionnaire on lifestyle and food habits in specific. This questionnaire was the ground for the analysis presented by the nutritionist Christel Lynch from the Karolinska Institute and through the help of the dietician computer program “DIETIST” (http://www.dietist.se/)
  • Ulf Bohman, from the Keyhole, partner of the FOOD project presented the keyhole and the FOOD recommendations.