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Fighting Obesity through Offer and Demand

The European FOOD programme uses an original approach to promote balanced nutrition. It aims to improve the nutritional quality of the food offered in restaurants and to facilitate consumer choice through improved information and increased awareness, making the healthy choice more obvious and more accessible.

A Public-Private Partnership Consortium composed of experts from six European countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Spain and Sweden) will make this project possible: they are highly committed to the accomplishment of the objectives set out by the European Commission.

Actions will occur in two fundamental locations that are essential for personal well-being, but that are often neglected: restaurants and workplaces. There is a unique and promising opportunity for communication between both areas to be expanded, and the partnership wishes to develop its ability to positively influence the nutritional quality of restaurants’ menus, in addition to improving European consumers’ lifestyles and habits.

In reference to the European motto: “United in Diversity”, a common strategy will be defined and then adapted accordingly to specific national circumstances. Subsequently, a high-level evaluation will ensure the overall quality of the project up till the end of 2010.