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Main steps


  • Action will be undertaken in two fundamental locations: restaurants and workplaces
  • There is a unique opportunity to positively influence restaurants’ menus as well as European consumers’ lifestyles and habits.
  • To meet this goal, the partnership proposes to combine public and private expertise and to act in 5 successive and mutually-reinforcing stages:
    • Inventory the existing programmes in order to know and better understand specific country requirements.
    • Employees and restaurateurs will be polled throughout the 6 project countries in order to ascertain their opinions and preferences. Based upon expert advice and analysis, these surveys will lead to a series of recommendations.
    • Simple tools will be developed to increase awareness, giving employees the means to act and employers the means to respond. This phase will involve healthy menu-based pilot schemes in restaurants.
    • Evaluation of the first pilots
    • Dissemination of best practice thoughout Europe and beyond

The partners

What is the level of involvement of each partner?

Main partner

In offering close cooperation between the private and public sectors, Edenred - the world leader in Food and Luncheon vouchers - is trying to make the most of this unique opportunity to use its core business to promote globally beneficial public policy objectives. Furthermore, the project is in perfect harmony with Edenred’s stated sustainability goals, of which access to balanced nutrition is a key priority. The main partner is responsible for the coordination of the project and for the dissemination of the information and results.

Associated partners

The associated partners are intimately involved in the different steps of the project according to their expertise and competences:

  • Nutritionists
  • Health Authorities
  • Academies

The importance of the objectives pursued the project require a strong and involved Partnership, capable of guaranteeing ambitious and high-level results. The collaborating partners guarantee to contribute significant added-value to the work and subsequent results of the project.

Collaborating partners

The collaborating partners are external advisors from different areas, whose task will be:

  • to analyse the pilots and results of the actions
  • to exchange ideas and bring specific expertise
  • to give advice and recommendations by underlining best practice.

They offer their profound expertise and help the Partnership for the deployment of the project. They also supervise the communication tools designed under the project.

List of the partners (by competence)

Main partner

  • Edenred

Associated partners

  • Academies:
    • Karolinska Institutet (KI)
    • University of Perugia (UP)
    • Paul Bocuse Institute (IPB)
  • Ministries of health
    • Spanish Agency of Food Security and Nutrition (AESAN)
    • Belgian Public Health Ministry (SPF SP)
  • Nutritionists
    • CIRIHA
    • Mediterranean Diet Foundation (FDM)
    • Stop Obesity (STOB)
  • Edenred (national business units assuring operational relay in the countries)

Collaborating partners

  • EU projects (Move Europe, FOOD Pro-Fit)
  • Universities (University of Lyon, City University of London)
  • International organisation (ILO)
  • Ministry of health (Sweden – Key Hole programme)
  • Associations, networks – restaurants and world of work (EuroToques, ENWHP)

List of the partners (by country)

"Countries and Partners"