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E-learning DVD

The objective of the FOOD project is to improve the access to balanced nutrition and to facilitate consumer choice.
This DVD uses a quick clip for each country to offer recommendations, tips and advice for restaurant chefs with illustrations provided by a demonstration of a balanced recipe.

The DVD has 6 chapters, one per country, with the following information:
- National nutrition recommendations
- Cooking show and a few cooking advice presented by a Chef from each nationality.
- Each chapter is shot in the national language, with English subtitles.

Chefs: Pierre DEMARTIN « Les Deux Maisons » (be) ; Martin SINDELAR « Hanavský Pavilón » (cz) ; Patrick OGHEARD « Institut Paul Bocuse » (fr) ; Massimiliano BOEZIO « Massimiliano » (it) ; Roberto LIMAS « L’Essence de Deux» (es); Viveka SANDKLEF, chef and author of “J.F. suédoise ayant fait le tour du monde cherche cobaye pour goûter ses inventions” (se)


Czech Republic